Introduction to Part II

Americans can ameliorate or resolve each of the challenges outlined in Part I through new legislation at the state or federal level, through state or federal constitutional amendments, and through social change. The reforms will enhance the power of citizens to control their own lives (that is, freedom) and to control their government (that is, democracy). (A new Constitution II could fix most of these problems all at once; that is the subject of Part III.)

Three of these fixes, “Ranked Choice Voting”, “Fix the Two-Party System”, and “Empower the People to Initiate and Repeal Laws, and to Amend the Constitution”, relate to more than one challenge. To avoid repetition as we present the fixes to each specific challenge, we start with these three Big Fixes.

Of the six challenges discussed in Part I, Challenges 1 through 4 are elections related, and so we address these under “Election System Fixes”, namely, “Presidential Selection Fixes”, “U.S. Senate Fix”, “Gerrymander Fix”, and “Other Election System Fixes”. For each of the elections-related fixes, we then examine the methods of realization – state or federal laws, constitutional amendments, or cultural shifts. We then present a comprehensive constitutional amendment which could fix all of our electoral shortcomings at once.

Part II concludes with fixes to Challenges 5 and 6, addressing counterproductive congressional rules and our incomplete Bill of Rights.

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